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Na Wetti Fashion Corporate Looks

In partnership with our multi-fashion branding houses, Na Wetti Fashion offers you the best in corporate outfits. Our supplies are based on customer suggestions with however a minor innovative touch to make and indicate our distinctiveness. These categories include but are not limited to dress codes for: wedding suits, traditional home club suits, daily office suits, diplomatic outfits, relaxed suits, charm indulged suits, formal wears for outdoor businesses, etc.  


At Na Wetti Fashion, imagination is realisation. Our designers are both clients and fashion artists. They all take into consideration several factors that should transform the conceptions into materialisation such as: occasion and season, fabrics and material availability, costing, target markets, cultural influences and contemporary trends.

Sewing, Mending, Cloth Transformations/Alterations and Modernizations

Na Wetti Fasion designers are professionals in the art of innovative creativity. We build new dresses from various fabrics and other materials depending on the occasion and client needs. We are renowned for reviving old clothings into new designs. With us, nothing is lost because when we create and produce it for you, we mend it for you, then we transform it for you when it looks old and then, we make it modern again for you when it becomes outdated. We are very special in keeping you looking good and up to date in all our products.

Bead Wears Production

Na Wetti Fasion focuses on creative matching in dress codes. They are just some traditional outfits that cannot do without their appropraite traditional matching beads. Thus, we engage in the production of bead-wears from concept designs to final products that output as beads only works or a misture with other outfit fabrics.  View our gallery for more bead-works samples and make purchases for your ordered brand. 

Meet Our Technical Team

Yvette Ngum

Highly experienced stylist, designer and professional tailor with over 10years working experience in the fashion and textile industries. Associate producer – Nawetti Fasion Wears

Loveline Ngwa

Certified stylist and professional tailor with over 7years working experience in the fashion and textile industries. Associate producer – Na Wetti Fashion Wears

Prisco Diko

CEO of SHOSA Empire, modelling trainer, events planner and Associate Consultant for Na Wetti Fashion

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